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Read what our patients have to say about their experience at our clinic. These are some of the reviews and testimonials of our patients from over the years. We are blessed to have the opportunity to help so many people in so many ways!

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Alex is awesome! I was sent here through VA Community Care. My shoulder pain is virtually gone. She used an additional treatment called Gua Sha. My Fibromyalgia pain minimal and my focus for ADHD improved. She also treats PTSD. I 100% recommend Alex for your treatments she listens to what your concerns are.

      Lorie C. on 7/27/2022 - Submitted on Google

This treatment has helped me more than any other method, including physical therapy. Acupuncture has accelerated the healing of my strained muscle tissue so much quicker than I expected. After the first treatment, I already felt a marked improvement. As an athlete, I highly recommend acupuncture and specifically this clinic.

      Anne-Marie J. on 6/28/2022 - Submitted on Google

Alex is amazing! Her office staff is wonderful!

I have intracranial hypertension and she took the time to become knowledgeable and find effective treatments to help with my headaches! She has been a pleasure to work with! She is truly amazing!

I went to see her after I had a headache for 15 days and I have been able to be headache free for me since seeing her! I truly appreciate all she’s done. She truly cares about her patients! I highly recommend seeing Alex at G&L acupuncture!

      Andrea Q. on 6/23/2022 - Submitted on Google

I arrived at G&L to address my 71 year old back. Meeting Alex and having her ask, listen, and explain was professional and sincere. Then asking me what other concerns I had was refreshing.

A flare of arthritis in my back responded well and after 5 sessions I'm happy and not doing the pill shuffle to mask symptoms but doing life right now without pain.

Oh I responded to her other concerns with mention of brain fog due to meds and age. That was the delightful surprise. Thinking straight and able to react promptly in conversation is a gift at my stage of life never to be under estimated or taken for granted. How good that feels.

Thank you Alex.

      Don G. on 5/24/2022 - Submitted on Google

I have been having treatments from Alexandra Haidaris for a few weeks now and I am so grateful for her.

I have dealt with lupus and sjogrens for over 10 years and both present many symptoms. I knew that acupuncture could help with pain but didn’t realize all the other benefits. I originally went to Alex because of muscle tightness and joint pain which was gone after a couple of treatments.

My next huge personal concern was the "brain fog" or cognitive dysfunction flare ups I would often get. Yep, she has given me back my ability to think clearly without confusion. This is huge because the brain fog would interfere with my ability to concentrate and problem solve.

Sjogrens effects my eyes, mouth and throat causing extreme dryness. During my first treatment as I laid on the table both my eyes and mouth became moist again. My salivary and tear glands are functioning like they are suppose to.

I have no doubt in my mind that because of Alex my immune system is stronger and my lupus and sjogrens flares are less and manageable. Thank you Alex for helping me through my heath challenges. You are appreciated.

      Cathy G. on 5/24/2022 - Submitted on Google

I have been going to G&L Acupuncture for about 15 years. First treatments were for allergy and sinus issues; went from taking two allergy medications a day to none. I have also received treatments for hypertension, diabetes, stress, sleep issues, plantar fasciatis, etc... I highly recommend the clinic.

      Rick H. on 5/16/2022 - Submitted on Google

I was very worried and a bit skeptical about acupuncture before going to G&L after a few other experiences. However, I gave them a try and am very pleased with the results and they have opened my mind to acupuncture.

First of all, the office is very clean and professional, which is a big thing for me, especially if getting acupuncture or any procedure done. The staff is also very professional, energetic, and positive - they take the effort to know your name, greet you, and make you feel welcome.

Most impressive is Liu and his staff. They took the time to understand my hesitation with acupuncture, the problems I'm having, and make sure that I was comfortable with the treatment. They even have buzzers to call them if I was at all uneasy during the treatment.

I also was treated by another doctor who covered while Dr Liu was out and the same very high bar was maintained. Thus far, a 4-5 month recovery, as told to me by my PCP, is trending to 1 month after seeing G&L.

Overall, this is an amazing business and I'd recommend it to anyone who has done acupuncture before or is considering it for the first time.

      Grant K. on 5/16/2022 - Submitted on Google

Accupuncture helped with my dad's post-concussion dizziness and headaches; highly recommend this place!

      Gloria T. on 5/14/2022 - Submitted on Google

I recently visited this facility due to neck pain and other issues. I am very glad to say that I felt much better with this treatment. Alex judged the right points to treat and was very understanding.

It is so surprising to know that these little needles can do wonders with right knowledge. This treatment also helped me with my energy levels and bloating issues. I would definitely recommend this place. Thank you Alex!

      Sneha P. on 4/9/2022 - Submitted on Google

Great place to have all your acupuncture needs taken care of by a great staff.

      Justin W. on 3/30/2022 - Submitted on Google