Lei Liu, LAc

Lei Liu is an acupuncturist and graduated in 1987 from the Shan Xi College of Traditional Chinese Medicine in China. Afterwards, he worked in a 500 bed traditional Chinese medicine hospital as a faculty practitioner before moving to the United States. In the United States, Lei has been practicing for over 20 years, including 6 years as a Clinic Supervisor at the Oregon College of Oriental Medicine in Portland, OR.

He is currently a licensed acupuncturist in the state of Oregon, a Master Chinese Herbalist, and has extensive experience treating many different conditions with great success. He specializes in acute and chronic pain relief and treating and rehabilitating car accident injuries. His many devoted patients that have been with him for the last 5, 10, or 15 years are testaments to his skill and compassion.

When not treating patients Lei truly enjoys playing with his grandson, tending to his flourishing gardening, and cheering on his favorite basketball team the Portland Trailblazers! Ask him about any of those things and he will be more than happy to share.

From Lei's Patients:

Lei is a phenomenal acupuncturist. I went in for issues with chronic jaw and sinus pain in addition to headaches and anxiety. I felt that he really listened to my concerns and came up with a solid plan to address them. I had never had acupuncture, so I didn’t know what to expect.

I felt very comfortable and for the first time, hopeful. Five treatments in, and my pain is subsiding and is very manageable at this time. My anxiety has lessened in that I am better able to handle daily life stressors. I can’t wait to see what continued treatments will do. I definitely plan to make acupuncture part of my regular self care routine.

      Melinda L. on 1/10/2022 - Submitted on Google

I met Lei Liu last June in 2021 after my sister had been discharged from the hospital for a brain surgery. My sister was on tube feeding and in wheelchair.

Lei Liu is a very thoughtful and considerate doctor. He had confidence that he could improve my sister's situation. It was very comforting for both me and my sister. After 6 months of treatment, my sister can swallow food, and walk with walker.

I recommended a friend to see Lei Liu and she is also satisfied with the result. I highly recommend Lei Liu.

      Iris E. on 1/4/2022 - Submitted on Google

I recently had hernia surgery followed by urinary retention complications for the next 4 weeks and had to use a catheter to pee. It was suggested by my doctor that I take Flomax for my issue (no thanks). I went to see Lei and 2 days after my first treatment I was able to go on my own. G&L is a life saver!

      Mike C. on 8/6/2021 - Submitted on Google

I have had an on-going auto-immune issue for over 2 years. I finally went to see Dr. Lei and by the 3rd treatment I noticed improvement and have continued to heal over the past few weeks. Amazing! He is really great and so are his staff. I highly recommend this clinic and acupuncture in general!

      Julane P. on 7/1/2021 - Submitted on Google

I was referred to this clinic from the VA community care program. I had not experienced this therapy yet in my journey of pain management. I had been assigned Mr. Liu and he has been great to work with. When we first started my therapy, he was open and transparent about the process/procedure which helped with my expectations of what I would experience. We talked about my issues and a treatment plan that we would pursue. He set the foundation for productive and helpful therapy sessions.

My experience in the therapy has been gradual, both in the “intensity” of the treatment and the relief I experienced after a session. This is by design and the progressive nature in the treatment is needed as Mr. Liu continues to learn my body’s individual responses and tailor the treatment to what is needed when life throws curveballs into my pain management. When we first started, I could feel some relief after a session. Now that Mr. Liu has “mapped” my body’s responses and individual needs for treatment, next day relief after a session is incredible! I feel amazing relief with restored range of motion and the pain level associated with doing certain tasks decreases.

Another huge factor in my experience has been the front desk. She is very polite and professional with great attitude to greet you when you walk in to get checked in. She is helpful in getting you squared away before the appointment and for scheduling future appointments. You can tell other patients here enjoy her help as well because the conversations are very personable, I have seen one or two stick around after their appointment continuing their conversation to catch up.

All in all, this is the place to go. I knew nothing about the therapy, I would say I was more excited to try it than nervous. However, if you pare nervous or unsure about this treatment, this is the clinic for you. The providers are more than willing to explain and introduce you to this therapy and the rest of the team (such as the front desk) create an environment where you feel you are in the right hands. This lets you focus on the session at hand to relax and enjoy the relief you came here for.

This team/clinic will be a mainstay to my pain management resources/toolkit.

      Jordan M. on 6/15/2021 - Submitted on Google