Lei Liu, LAc

Lei Liu is an acupuncturist and graduated in 1987 from the Shan Xi College of Traditional Chinese Medicine in China. Afterwards, he worked in a 500 bed traditional Chinese medicine hospital as a faculty practitioner before moving to the United States. In the United States, Lei has been practicing for over 20 years, including 6 years as a Clinic Supervisor at the Oregon College of Oriental Medicine in Portland, OR.

He is currently a licensed acupuncturist in the state of Oregon, a Master Chinese Herbalist, and has extensive experience treating many different conditions with great success. He specializes in acute and chronic pain relief and treating and rehabilitating car accident injuries. His many devoted patients that have been with him for the last 5, 10, or 15 years are testaments to his skill and compassion.

When not treating patients Lei truly enjoys playing with his grandson, tending to his flourishing gardening, and cheering on his favorite basketball team the Portland Trailblazers! Ask him about any of those things and he will be more than happy to share.

From Lei's Patients:

After a Total Knee Replacement in September 2022, my iliotibial band (ligament) was irritated and inflamed, giving me pain when driving, in bed, and throughout the day. When I returned to complain to the surgeon in March 2024, he said the irritation was being caused by my knee being a bit loose and rubbing against the ligament. In April, he did a revision surgery to my knee. This didn’t solve my problem. My iliotibial band was still quite painful. We tried a steroid shot. No relief. He finally suggested I try acupuncture so I phoned a friend for a referral.

I am so pleased that they recommended Lei Liu. After my first treatment, I was much improved and after the course of four treatments I am now able to drive and sleep pain-free.

I am very appreciative. Lei Liu has given me back my quality of life. I have now recommended him to my surgeon, physical therapist, and friends.

      Anna S. on 7/2/2024 - Submitted on Google

Lei has helped me tremendously. I was so afraid I would need back surgery. But after a few treatments i was completely out of pain. I also have an auto immune disease, with accupunture and diet all the symptoms are gone. I've been to several accupunture doctors with no relief.

Thank you so much Lei.

      Autumn M. on 5/6/2024 - Submitted on Google

After a week of persistent pain in the back of a leg, I visited Lei. He took one look and said: "You have shingles, I can treat you for it". One treatment was sufficient to eliminate the deep tissue burning and twisting pain. The next morning, my primary care P.A. confirmed the diagnosis and prescribed an anti-viral course to avoid post neuralgic pains.

      Daniele C. on 1/28/2024 - Submitted on Google

I would recommend Lei Liu for conditions of anger management, night sweats, and nerve pain. He is highly knowledgeable and happens to be the owner. After only three treatments, I feel like a completely new person. Initially I was scared of the needles, but the entire experience was painless. The sense of calm that comes over you is amazing. Lei Liu is wonderful.

      Anonymous on 3/13/2024 - Submitted on Google

I sought treatment for neck nerve pain and numbness in my left arm, and went to see a neurologist at the hospital. The doctor said I needed an MRI, so I had it done. Afterwards, the doctor said I also needed to have an X-ray. After undergoing the MRI and X-ray, the doctor told me that my neck required surgery and mentioned that the procedure would be quick, allowing me to go home after two hours. However, the surgery would involve placing six screws in my neck, which would limit my future neck mobility. While it could prevent arm numbness, occasional neck pain might still persist, according to the doctor.

I hesitated for a long time and decided to look for other treatment methods, as I was unwilling to undergo such surgery. So, I searched on Google for traditional Chinese medicine treatments, hoping to find non-surgical treatments through herbal medicine or acupuncture. Among many acupuncture clinics, I chose one named G&L Acupuncture, a three-and-a-half-hour drive from where I live. I chose this distant clinic because I saw a doctor named Lei Liu on the list of physicians there, who had very high online ratings and many positive reviews, which attracted me. After discussing with my husband, we decided to give Lei Liu a try.

The first time I met Lei Liu, he struck me as kind, sincere, and straightforward. Since my husband is American and was skeptical about the efficacy of acupuncture, Lei Liu suggested starting with four treatments and then deciding whether to continue. So, I began acupuncture treatments with Lei Liu. Considering our long journey, Lei Liu took great care of us, ensuring we received treatment immediately upon arrival. Sometimes we would arrive an hour early, but never had to wait, which was very comforting.

After four treatments, the pain in my neck significantly reduced. As a result, my husband also began to receive acupuncture treatments. After four trial treatments, considering the long journey my husband and I had to make each time, Dr. Liu proactively suggested reducing our visits from twice a week to once a week. After 11 acupuncture sessions, my neck condition was completely recovered. Additionally, chronic issues like back and waist pain also improved, which was amazing!

Although each round trip for the acupuncture takes about 7 hours, I feel it is very worthwhile. After each treatment, my body felt very relaxed and comfortable. I am very grateful to Lei Liu, he is truly a kind, gentle, and knowledgeable acupuncture expert.

      Julia on 11/20/2023 - Submitted on Google