Auto Injury

Auto Injury

We specialize in auto injury and other forms of soft tissue injuries. Using acupuncture and massage therapy we treat the root cause of the injury to help you recover faster and more completely to help you prevent chronic or life-long pain.

Being in an car accident is a serious experience. Even minor accidents under 15 MPH can cause whiplash injuries such as neck, shoulder, or back pain, and the pain/injuries may not always appear right away. If you have been in an auto accident, seek medical attention as soon as possible.

We have providers specifically trained in treating accident related injuries that will not only get you out of pain as quickly as possible, but also help you prevent any injuries from becoming chronic and life-long conditions.


Don't Wait

It can be common for it to take days to notice the extent of injuries due to the adrenaline, stress of the accident. Getting help early is best for preventing chronic conditions.


Symptoms May Vary

Symptoms like 'brain-fog', blurred vision, trouble sleeping, and anxiety can all be due to the accident. We can help you identify and treat many types of symptoms.


Covered By Insurance

In Oregon, medical treatments due to an accident is covered under Personal Injury Protection. We will walk you through the process and work with your insurance.


Cyclists Are Covered

If you are involved in a car accident while riding a bike, you have the same protection and coverage as a driver under your auto insurance's Personal Injury Protection policy.

If you have already been to a doctor or another provider but you don't feel like you have fully recovered or would like additional help, come see us!