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Your clinic for holistic relief, prevent­ative and maintenance care.

What Our
Patients Say

"... G&L has taken my pain and given me back my smile."

Matthew G. on Yelp

"Fantastic, amazing, G&L is a godsend! Even the office staff are ex­ceptional at G&L..."

Angela B. on Yelp

"... I can say that my pain levels, which were consis­tently running in the 7-8 range out of 10, have been much re­duced, so that my require­ments for med­ication have drastically reduced..."

Lari S. on Yelp

"... After only 2 acu­puncture treatments the nausea was gone and by the end of the 5th treatment I was back to myself 100%..."

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"... I am relieved there is an alternative to drugs to treat conditions that cause severe dis­comfort and pain..."

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