I am a 69 year old women with a life time of unresolved health issues and my first experience outside of the traditional medical doctors was in 2017 after years of treating the symptoms without finding the root causes. After finally taking a family members recommendation I made an appointment with Alexandra for treatments and I'm so glad I did. I had struggled with feet nephropathy for 20 years and hip pain due to scoliosis since my teens, treatments for symptoms alone was not working.

Wow, what a change from the years of painful foot nephropathy! I now only have a lingering slight numbness in the toes. I look forward to a relaxing half hour of acupuncture once a week. I highly recommend to those looking for help to make an appointment with Alexandra her attentiveness to the whole person, her knowledge of the body's nerve system and her additional life style change advice will be a welcome change from traditional medical symptoms only treatments.

Also I'm not being treated for my scoliosis pain with needles anymore, as the additional exercise Alexandra suggested has greatly helped me manage the effects to the nerves/muscles from my curved spine.

I highly recommend Alexandra Haidaris at the G&L Acupuncture and Wellness Center in Hillsboro.

Written testimonial submitted on 8/4/2022