Google Review by Cathy G.

I have been having treatments from Alexandra Haidaris for a few weeks now and I am so grateful for her.

I have dealt with lupus and sjogrens for over 10 years and both present many symptoms. I knew that acupuncture could help with pain but didn’t realize all the other benefits. I originally went to Alex because of muscle tightness and joint pain which was gone after a couple of treatments.

My next huge personal concern was the "brain fog" or cognitive dysfunction flare ups I would often get. Yep, she has given me back my ability to think clearly without confusion. This is huge because the brain fog would interfere with my ability to concentrate and problem solve.

Sjogrens effects my eyes, mouth and throat causing extreme dryness. During my first treatment as I laid on the table both my eyes and mouth became moist again. My salivary and tear glands are functioning like they are suppose to.

I have no doubt in my mind that because of Alex my immune system is stronger and my lupus and sjogrens flares are less and manageable. Thank you Alex for helping me through my heath challenges. You are appreciated.

      Cathy G. on 5/24/2022 - Submitted on Google