Sam Romanowski, LMT

Samantha ("Sam") Romanowski, LMT, graduated from the Wellspring Schoole of Healing Arts having completed the 2 year Amma Therapy program in 2018. Sam practices a specific style of massage therapy known as Amma therapy. With more than 1100 hours of training, and over 200 hours of clinical experience, she has treated a variety of patients with conditions ranging from digestive issues, to chronic pain, to insomnia with great success.

Originally from upstate New York, Samantha rediscovered her roots in the Oregon countryside; she is keen to cultivate a garden and try her hand at raising chickens. As an Amma therapist at West Linn, she is excited to connect with patients, share her knowledge, and help them discover ways they can be more engaged with their own health.

LMT #24708