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Whether you are interested in boosting your energy and losing weight, feeling overwhelmed by digestive issues, or struggling to balance your hormones, we have the experience to help you make a lasting change in your life.

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Note: Holistic nutrition is only available at our West Linn clinic. However, all of the acupuncturists at the other locations are trained in Traditional Chinese Medicine nutrition and can help you with many basic questions.

Big Changes Through Small Bites

You are what you eat and what you eat can have a big affect on how you feel. Using food as medicine, as well as lifestyle advice, we can help you improve your health, correct many different kinds of conditions, and work with you to reach your health goals.

Increase Daily Energy

Fight fatigue and feel lasting energy without the jitters of caffeine or the crash of sugar.

Manage Digestive Disorders

Manage chronic disorders by learning how nutrition and dietary habits affect your health.

Strengthen Immune System

Proper nutrition can improve gut flora, one of the corner stones of a strong immune system.

Achieve Lasting Weightloss

Lose weight through lifestyle changes (not diets, purges, or pills) for sustainable weightloss.

Fight Anxiety & Depression

Mental health is strongly linked to gut health, and proper nutrition can greatly improve overall mood.

And More...

Reduce inflammation, improve sleep, clear up skin, balance hormones, and more...

Meet Your Nutritionist

  • Certified Holistic Nutritionist
  • Caring, Knowledgeable, & Professional
  • Licensed Amma Therapist

Samantha "Sam" Romanowski is originally from upstate New York, but she has since rediscovered her roots in the Oregon countryside where she lives with her partner, a rescue dog, and a lush garden.

Sam is keen on sharing her knowledge in gentle and approachable ways and works hard to help her clients feel engaged and in control of their own health.

How is Holistic Nutrition Different?

Our holistic nutrition program aims to address you as a whole – physically, mentally, and emotionally - and our practitioners work with you to achieve your health goals given your unique lifestyle. This program is not a list of foods to eat or not to eat; it’s not about counting micros, macros, calories or points. And it’s not a fad, diet, or pill to get you wound up and then let down.

Holistic nutrition recognizes that the food you choose to eat has everything to do with your lifestyle – how you feel, what you think, and what you do. We understand that change can be hard which is why our program seeks to guide you in the direction that will help you achieve lasting results, not force you to change your life.

Our holistic nutrition program integrates dietary advice, mindful eating habits, lifestyle guidance as well as coaching and support to help you take control of your health.

Holistic Nutrition Pricing

Per Session
$60.00 / session
Basic Plan
$324.00 Save 10%
  • One hour initial consultation
  • Four follow-up sessions
  • Dietary suggestions
  • Mindful eating guidelines
  • Lifestyle advice and recommendations
Complete Plan
$561.00 Save 15%
  • One hour initial consultation
  • Nine follow-up sessions
  • Dietary suggestions
  • Mindful eating guidelines
  • Lifestyle advice and recommendations
  • 10% off other services (limitations apply, call for details)

You are in good hands

Your health is important to us. Our compassionate and knowledgeable team of nutritionists, providers, and staff are here to help you and support you on your journey of health and wellness.

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