Relieve Seasonal Allergies With Acupuncture

Acupuncture can help treat the immediate symptoms of seasonal allergies and help prevent allergic responses in the future.

Posted April 14, 2016

Seasonal allergies are just starting to pick up around Portland. With the short burst of spring sun and warmth in the past few weeks many people in the area are already starting to feel the itch of pollen in their eyes and the runny drippy nose that accompanies it. While fresh greenery and blooming flowers are a nice change to the gray and drab of winter, the spike in pollen count can make it feel like a never ending cold to many.

Many studies indicate acupuncture "is effective in the symptomatic treatment of [persistent allergic rhinitis]."

If you haven’t already, consider acupuncture for help managing your allergy symptoms. Many studies support acupuncture as an effective method of allergy relief. Research articles published in the European Journal of Allergy and Clinical Immunology , Medical Journal of Australia , and Europe PMC all indicate acupuncture "is effective in the symptomatic treatment of [persistent allergic rhinitis]."

Allergic reactions like rhinitis, more commonly known as a runny nose, are primarily caused by the over production of histamines in the body. Normally, there is always a low level of histamines circulating in the bloodstream, but when someone with allergies encounters a potential allergen their body releases a massive amount of histamines causing a rapid inflammatory response including vasodilation and increased fluid secretion at the site of the allergen. The body responds this way because it perceives the allergens as foreign invaders like viruses or infections and tries to flush them out of the system as quickly as possible. But of course allergens such as pollen, dust, animal dander, or mold are not usually harmful thus making the response unnecessary and more irritating than helpful.

Consistent treatments over the course of 4 weeks can greatly improve allergy symptoms and decrease the need for anti-histamine medication.

Acupuncture can help treat the symptoms of seasonal allergies like runny nose, itchy eyes, and frequent sneezing. But more importantly it can also help balance the body’s over sensitive immune response to minimize or prevent future allergic responses. Studies have shown that consistent treatments over the course of 4 weeks can greatly improve allergy symptoms and many study participants reported overall increase in quality of life and a decrease in the need for anti-histamine medication .

If you’re suffering from seasonal allergies and want to make a change, give acupuncture a try. At G&L Acupuncture and Wellness Center, we have treated many patients with seasonal allergies with great success and want to help you get the same relief.

Real Results

One severe case we treated involved a patient who was "spending over $200 a month on five different allergy medications and [they were] still suffering." But after consistent acupuncture treatments their symptoms improved and they were able to reduce their allergy medication down to just one.

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